About The Data You Need

Our Origin

The Data You Need started in 2010 to help organizations solve data problems. When we began, our motto was “If it’s data, we do it”; but with the expansion of technology, and the speed at which things are changing, we now approach projects with a “What’s best for this scenario?” mindset. That may mean that we tackle it ourselves, or in cases where clients are on platforms outside our expertise, we can reach out to an amazing global network of specialists to make sure everything is done in the best way possible. Our commitment to helping turn the data you have, into the data you need, remains strong to this day. Even if that means a referral to another consultant.

Our Process

Although we wish that we could, we can’t wave our hands and make data problems go away. So when we approach an issue, we may need to come at it from a few different angles to find the best solution for your exact case. With us you won’t be charged for any work that doesn’t directly contribute to solving your issue. Our invoices reflect only the work that goes into your actual solution. We’re also a great mix of fast, efficient, and thorough. When we work with new development, we stand by this philosophy. We don’t bill for false starts on our end.

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